What Can You Find Out About From Someone Online?

Reflecting on my current digital presence, it can be noted that I do not have an active online presence under my government name. When you Google my name, you are met with my LinkedIn that is inactive and was solely made to fulfill a past class requirement. My LinkedIn profile has no photo, and only shares the college and high school I went to, however, I no longer attend either institution so I feel safer allowing that to be public knowledge. As I write this, I am thinking of deleting my LinkedIn. The next link is an inactive Facebook account that I made when I was around the age of 12, as it was the first time I was allowed to use the internet for leisure as opposed to school work. The next couple links to follow will be a Prezi PowerPoint I made when I was in 6th grade for my social science class, my inactive Goodreads account that I lost access to, a link to my blank YouTube channel that is linked to my Google account, and lastly my high school commencement event photos from 2017. When you click on the images tab on Google, there are no images that are of me. While it may be argued these results couldn’t possibly reflect who I am because of how little information there is to base a reflection on, I believe they do. My online presence, or lack thereof, shows I don’t want strangers to perceive me in any sense. I’m an open book to anyone that engages in a personal conversation with me, however, I do not wish to extend that part of me to those I don’t know. I do not want just anyone to have access to me. I acknowledge that being curious is a part of the human experience, but it creeps me out knowing strangers can find out anything they want about you through a quick search on the internet. It all comes down to my comfort levels, and how safe I feel being online. Even thinking back to when I was creating this website, I went by “ruqayyama” because I wasn’t comfortable putting both my first and last name out there. My name isn’t one you’ll find tons of students sharing in a classroom, and I simply don’t want it to be an easy task to find out anything you want about me through a Google search. My website will allow me to publish what I am personally comfortable sharing with the world, and being in control of what I write makes me feel safer than having pieces of mine published without my go-ahead.